You Can’t Make This Shit Up.

I have heard this saying WAY too many times this week, heck this month! When I told you May was a busy month for me I meant the first two weeks, but honestly it hasn’t slowed down any at all. It has stayed pretty consistent with it being busy, and throwing MANY unexpected things our way! This week was the last week of school for the kiddos! Thursday was the last day! Grahm graduated from Pre-School, so they had a special graduation during the school hours for the family to come watch him graduate from Pre-School. It’s really hard to believe that he will be in Kindergarten next year! Next year Rylee will be in third grade, and her last year in elementary school. Cooper will have one more year in middle school, and then will continue onto high-school, I am not ready for that one! After next year I will have a kiddo at every school! Yikes!

Thursday, Grahm had his graduation ceremony, and literally seconds before it started I got a call from the school nurse from the middle school. Stating Cooper had been playing capture the flag during the fun last day of school activities and he jumped and came down on his foot wrong. She said it’s swollen some, and he is in some pain. I asked her if he was able to put weight on it at all, and she said some but not much. She told me Cooper would really like to stay, and I asked her how big of a pain it is for everyone if he did since he isn’t walking on it fully. She said it’s not at all, that he has some friends helping him, and they aren’t doing much when it comes to school stuff today. I quickly talked to Cooper to make sure this is what he was wanting to do. I told him no baseball today then and he would ride the bus home. It was quick as Grahm was starting to walk into the gym for graduation. I sent him a text saying sorry it was short talking I am at Grahm’s graduation. Once Grahm’s graduation got over I called his Dr to see if we could be seen by her today. Thankfully she had an opening and it wasn’t too long from when I called. I sent Cooper a text telling him that I would be picking him up from school within 10 minutes since he wouldn’t be able to make his appointment if he rode the bus home. He wasn’t very happy, but he needed to be checked in case it was something more than a sprain. We got to the doctor’s and she decided on x-rays, and sure enough he has two fractures in his 2nd and third toes. As if fractures were not enough, he decided to break them right through the growth plate. Here is to hoping that he will not need pins in his foot. Unfortunately, he will be out for at least 4 weeks and in a boot. That means absolutely no baseball this season, and he is pretty bummed about it. I don’t blame him poor kid, this is not how he planned to spend his first month of summer. We go Tuesday, to meet with the podiatrist and make sure we don’t need to do anything further. Fingers crossed he won’t.

Now, moving onto Friday, I am finally calmed down to where I can type this. As you know we purchased hatching eggs and they were shipped to us. The percentage is about 50% when it comes to shipped eggs, but I thought what the heck let’s do it! They started hatching, and when I woke up Friday morning we had two hatch, and more working their way out. Once I got home from work we had three more hatch! I was scrambling to get the tank set up for them, and ran to town to get the chicken starter feed because what we did have wasn’t good anymore. I get back home, the five that had hatched were dried, and one could use more drying so I kept that one in the incubator to dry more and help cheer the other chicks from hatching. I had four total in the tank for their new home until they got big enough to transfer out to the coop. We went outside and the kids all had drinks inside. The oldest two went and grabbed theirs, and then Heath noticed he didn’t have his, so of course he needed his. He went inside the garage where the drinks were at, and where the tank is for the chicks. I noticed it was taking him a long time to get back out. Ready…I lost my shit more than what I should have, but I walk into the garage to see that my child managed to get himself INTO the tank with the chicks. Three very healthy chicks didn’t make it out alive and my stomach was in knots, and so stinking made and upset. Looking back now I didn’t handle it how I should have, but Heath and I talked about it after I calmed down. Nothing like a waste of time and money and those poor sweet chicks. Instead of seven chicks we are down to four. I don’t think we are going to get anymore out of the eggs either. We were close to the 50% mark on shipped eggs. I guess next year when we order from the hatchery I will be able to get a few more than what I was originally planning on. Now, let’s hope I can get at least one pullet out of these remaining chicks. If I get all roosters now, I don’t know what I will do. Maybe keep one and sell the rest.

Oh and to top it all off we are having well issues at the west place. That’s where the cattle pull all their water from. SO guess who’s well water over 500 head of cattle got to be on all day yesterday? YUP! You guessed it, mine! Literally had no water pressure at all, so all that laundry I was going to catch up on yesterday didn’t happen. Last night they decided to bring some water tanks up to the lots and put them inside so the cattle can drink from there and they will haul water to them. That way we could at least have water for a little bit at night and into the morning. Now, I guess I will be doing all my laundry today and not enjoying this beautiful weather we will have. Hopefully the valves are all that’s messed up, if not then it looks like we will be switching our house to rural water. Which I can’t say I am too disappointed in. The well will just be our back up if we need it, and the cattle will use the well at our house for their water. Cheers to the weekend! Enjoy it and hopefully you don’t have any “You can’t make this shit up” incidents!

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