Living in chaos.

Oh hey! Did you miss me?! Remember me telling you this month was just going to be absolutely crazy when it comes to our family schedule!? Well that was no joke! I honestly have been in go mode for the past week to two weeks and after this weekend it (might) fingers crossed slow down.Continue reading “Living in chaos.”

Change of plans.

Today is my day to work, and Sam’s week went to shit the first 30 minutes of his day Monday. Grahm has his second round (hopefully last major) of dental work today. The new barn is set to (hopefully) be completed to the point where cattle can FINALLY be moved into it. Even if it’sContinue reading “Change of plans.”

Proud Of Him.

I don’t tell him at all, but I am so proud of my husband and what he has accomplished when it comes to building his farm. I remember when I first met Sam, he worked part time on the farm with/for his dad, and then worked full time at the Co-op. Shortly after getting marriedContinue reading “Proud Of Him.”

Here we go!

Marrying a farmer has it’s ups and downs. Its slow times and its busy times. Well 95% of the time it’s busy. We are getting out of that 5% down time, and starting now until the end of harvest it’s go time! Yes, it’s too early for field work, but not too early for gettingContinue reading “Here we go!”

Itching for spring.

It has been beautiful here lately and it’s making me want Spring even more. This weather knew we needed it. It has been so nice being outside all day long for the past couple days as time allowed us to. We have been letting our chickens out again with it being nice out and theyContinue reading “Itching for spring.”

Cattle barn update

If you remember me updating you all a few months ago saying our concrete was being done to the new barn site and the building should be delivered the following week….and then in the middle of me typing it my husband called and said it now wasn’t going to get delivered until the beginning ofContinue reading “Cattle barn update”