New ride.

We have been in a long process of ordering a new Ranger since what feels like last year. Except when I think about it we ordered them the beginning of this year. We were supposed to get them in the summer, but they cancelled the order because they were no longer making 2021 Rangers anymore.Continue reading “New ride.”

Farm sounds.

The guys weaned calves this last week, so our house was pretty loud for the last week. They have calmed down and are feeling a little more at ease without their mamas close by. Their mamas can still be somewhat close but no touching just looking at them from a far. Here soon they willContinue reading “Farm sounds.”

Much to be thankful for.

It has been a minute since posting, but after my last post I kind of needed a little break from everything social media has in store. The holiday seasons are here (which I needed this so much), and we just recently celebrated Thanksgiving. We went to my mom’s house and had a delicious lunch andContinue reading “Much to be thankful for.”

Power to my mama.

I don’t even know where to start when it comes to this. Being a kid and being active in sports before I was able to drive myself there and mom had two other kids she had to taxi everywhere. We didn’t give her enough credit or appreciation. Now being that mom who has four kidsContinue reading “Power to my mama.”

My Kids Drive Me Crazy.

Yup, I said it! I don’t feel bad about it one bit. My kids are good kids, and we all get along great…but there is always going to be that time or day where they just absolutely drive you crazy. You’ll do anything to get away from them for 30 seconds, because we all knowContinue reading “My Kids Drive Me Crazy.”